14 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Sales in 2021

January 25, 2024
10:40 am

Shopify is a dependable eCommerce platform that offers a seller-friendly interface and a wide variety of apps. These apps can help you attain various business goals, such as improving user experience, optimizing conversions, and increasing revenue, among others.

But with over 4,000 apps in the Shopify app store, it’s challenging to choose the ones that will help you run a successful dropshipping business on Shopify.

To help you out, we’ve listed down the best Shopify apps that many entrepreneurs trust.

All these apps come with a free trial that you can take advantage of. So check them out now, and see for yourself which ones you can test in your store.

Currency Switcher

Selling to multiple countries is a breeze if you have the Currency Switcher installed. This app can automatically detect your customer’s location and then convert your product prices to their local currency.

Not only that, but it’s also designed to be fast-loading regardless of whether your customer is browsing on their desktop computer, mobile phone, or any other device. Overall, this app can improve the shopping experience of your customers and give them more reasons to stay on your site.

The image below shows an example of a store that uses Currency Switcher. It displays each product’s converted price, plus options to switch to a different currency.

Currency Switcher offers a 14-day trial, after which you can opt to subscribe to its advanced plan at $9.95 a month.

Smart SEO

SEO is a must for any website. When done right, SEO efforts can result in higher rankings, greater traffic, and more opportunities to get sales.

Smart SEO was designed to help Shopify store owners automate their optimization efforts. Its best features include auto-generation of meta tags and alt tags, diagnosis of broken links, and multi-language support that will allow you to rank for terms in various languages.

You may use Smart SEO for free, but you may also choose its Pro Plan which currently costs $4.99 a month.


Guesswork used to play a huge role in eCommerce, especially in theorizing why people leave a website or abandon their carts. But with BetterReplay, you can finally get more reliable insights that can better inform your business decisions.

This app can record your store visitors’ sessions, allowing you to see what they see, identify the places where they get stuck, and spot your site’s weak points. You’ll also get insights on which products get the most views and how long visitors stay on your store.

BetterReplay assures users that its recording function is legal and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Checkout pages (where customers input sensitive information) are inaccessible by BetterReply. However, store owners are advised to audit their site and manually ensure that all other forms asking for personal data are excluded from being recorded.

The free version of BetterReplay can record up to 100 sessions per month. The paid version, which costs $29 a month, can record up to 10,000.

Blog Studio

Publishing blog posts is a great way to establish your business as an authority in its niche. Shopify allows sellers to post blogs easily. But with Blog Studio, you can add more touches of creativity, including animations, modish blog sections (i.e., bylines, testimonials, etc.), and various typography styles.

This app requires no coding skills, but it does allow you to edit the code for your posts if you want to. Best of all, Blog Studio works well with any Shopify theme.

You can try Blog Studio for free for up to 14 days, after which you may subscribe for the paid version at $9.99 a month.

Fancy FAQ

Companies can preemptively address any concerns their visitors might have through FAQ sections or a FAQ page. Providing answers to possible or usually asked questions helps clear up shoppers’ doubts. It can also help foster trust and promote a customer-friendly browsing experience.

As such, FAQ lists must be comprehensive, easy to understand, and transparent. Thankfully, you can easily craft as many lists as you need using the Fancy FAQ app.

Fancy FAQ lets you create professional-looking FAQ sections. You can use these to provide details about your products, payment and delivery options, returns, refunds, and the like.

You may create a dedicated FAQ page or simply compile a list of questions to be embedded on specific pages on your site. You may also do both.

Additionally, Fancy FAQ allows visitors to submit questions for you to address in the future. It also has a multilingual feature, which you can use to serve non-English speaking customers.

This app is available in three tiers: the Free plan, the Plus plan that costs $1.99 a month, and the Pro Plus plan that charges $4.99 a month.

Jebbit Custom Product Quizzes

If you’ve ever taken silly quizzes on social media, then you know how they can be highly engaging. Customer engagement is one of their best benefits, but did you know that they also help businesses know you better?

As a digital store owner, you can use quizzes to get to know your customers and create offers that suit their interests. This is a powerful way to nudge them to purchase. Plus, with the Jebbit app, you can meet your target audience wherever they may be—on your Shopify store, on social media, or email.

Jebbit requires no coding skills at all. It offers templates and tools to guide you, allowing you to make quizzes of various styles and complexity. Here’s an example created by the Jebbit team for a fictional company:

Of course, if you have quizzes, you will also generate results. Jebbit can create reports on quiz results, leads captured, completion rates, and other data points.

You may use Jebbit for free. But to unlock its advanced features, you may sign up for its Business plan ($70 monthly) or its Pro plan ($300 monthly).


Professional-looking images are important elements of a good product page. They help build a sense of legitimacy for your store, which could motivate shoppers to buy from you instead of your competition.

For your image editing needs, PixPix can serve as a free or low-cost solution. The app comes with the standard photo-editing functions, such as cropping, resizing, adjusting image orientation, and enhancing colors. PixPix can also compress your photos, which is usually a must to prevent images from slowing down a site’s loading time.

You may also upload or delete images in bulk using this app. And if your product photos have your supplier’s watermark or logo, you can use PixPix to easily remove these details.

Similar to most Shopify apps, PixPix is available in two tiers: the Free plan and the Pro plan that costs $9.99 a month.

Promo Video Maker

Did you know that around 50% of online shoppers search for product videos before visiting a store? This is what a report by Think with Google reveals, highlighting the value of adding videos to your Shopify store.

Videos allow shoppers to see exactly how a product works and how they can use it. Plus, if your videos are interesting enough, you can lure people into staying longer on your site—which then gives you more time and opportunities to entice them to buy.

You can also use videos on social media channels to trigger curiosity. And if you want to run promotional campaigns, using a video is a great way to instantly hook your target audience.

Promo.com is a 100% free app that lets you effortlessly create promotional videos within minutes.

It offers a variety of templates you can choose from. Once you’ve homed in on a template, it will then pull the photos and videos saved in your Shopify store and instantly turn them into a piece of video content.

This app also lets you publish videos on various channels, including your Shopify store and social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Mochi Live Chat

Mochi lets you provide real-time customer support by accepting messages from your store visitors and then replying to them via automated responses.

It features multi-channel communication. Your customers who are using mobile devices can reach you via text, while customers using a desktop computer can reach you via web chat. This ensures that communication is always hassle-free and optimized for every device.

Additionally, this app lets you monitor your store visitors and see how they accessed your site, what products they’re looking at, and what products are in their cart. You can then use this information to create personalized offers, reminders, and other content that could be helpful to them.

Mochi offers a 14-day free trial, after which you may opt for its Starter plan at $15 a month or its Basic plan at $35 a month.

Judge.me Product Reviews

Collecting testimonials and building positive social proof are a must for any business. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely online shoppers will patronize your store.

This is where the Judge.me app comes in handy. It can help you collect and highlight reviews and star ratings from past customers. It also automates the collection process by sending automated emails to buyers once they receive their order.

In terms of displaying reviews and ratings for potential customers to see, this app can do wonders. Not only does it offer options on how you can present these testimonials inside your store, but it also lets you show them on Google search results, Google Shopping, and Facebook.

The Judge.me app is available in 34 languages and provides round-the-clock customer support. Its basic features are free to use, but you can access more features with the premium version at $15 a month.

Shopify Email

Effective marketing is one of the keys to running a successful business. You cannot sell without marketing, so it’s only fitting for platforms like Shopify to have apps built specifically to support marketing efforts.

The Shopify Email app meets the email marketing needs of sellers. It’s a simpler option than other email service providers that add one more program for sellers to open and monitor every day. Plus, crafting emails is easy because Shopify has templates you can use and quickly customize.

Currently, this app is available only for sellers who purchased their domain from Shopify. If you do subscribe, it will let you send up to 2,500 emails for free per month and only charge you $1 for every additional 1,000 emails you send.

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Gamified programs are an engaging way to trigger interest and build customer loyalty.

For your dropshipping store, Gameball can be your loyalty program app. It can entice your customers to keep buying from you instead of going to your rivals. It also encourages them to refer you to their circles through referral rewards.

As its name suggests, Gameball offers a game-like experience of collecting badges and points that customers can exchange for discounts and exclusive deals. Take a look at this example of a demo store that uses Gameball:

Because of how Gameball tracks a customer’s activities and shows the rewards they could get, customers are encouraged to keep patronizing a brand.

Plus, this app also provides interactive messages that pop up when triggered by specific customer behaviors. These will then lead them to certain calls to action that should help them find more exciting deals from your store.

Creating upsell and cross-sell offers is also possible with this app. If a certain store visitor already has items in their cart, the app can then show them product recommendations that go well with the items they’ve already shown interest in.

Gameball offers a seven-day free trial and three premium tiers: the Starter plan ($29 per month), Pro plan ($99 per month), and Guru plan ($499 per month).


You can expand the reach of your online store through Google Shopping Ads. These ads highlight product images, price, your store’s name, and other rich product information for shoppers browsing on Google.

AdNabu is an app that helps you list your products using Google Shopping’s best practices. This way, both your Google Shopping feed and ads are optimized for increased sales.

All changes you make on your Shopify store’s listings are automatically fetched by the app. AdNabu can also give each of your product listings a score out of 100 and then provide you with recommendations on how you can improve the score. These recommendations may include using keywords in titles and descriptions, modifying the product image quality, and the like.

AdNabu comes with a 14-day free trial and three subscription tiers: Basic at $19 a month, Advanced at $49 a month, and Ultimate at $299 a month.


Did you know that you can advertise your Shopify products on TikTok? This social media platform has created TikTok for Business, a free app that lets users create video ads, track their performance, and adjust audience targeting.

Similar to other social media channels, TikTok allows you to customize your ad audience based on demographics, location, and behavioral data. It also provides insights into how well your marketing campaign is doing.

As of this writing, the TikTok app for Shopify is available only for desktop computers and to businesses selling in US dollars. You need to provide a US business address to be approved to run TikTok ads. If you fulfill these requirements, then you can use the app for free.

Bottomline on the Best Shopify eCommerce Apps

There’s no single best Shopify app that will work for all eCommerce stores. Because different apps have different functions, the key to success lies in choosing the few that—when used together—can help you achieve your business goals.

Some apps are made for brand awareness. Others are for customer service, search engine optimization, ad marketing, conversion, and many other purposes. All these play a role in boosting your sales and improving your bottom line, so it’s highly advisable to test apps and see for yourself which ones drive you favorable results.

It would be best for beginners to use the free Shopify apps listed here at the start of their dropshipping journey. But once you’re ready to scale your business, you can then explore the paid plans that feature more functions and even more ways to help you grow your store.

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