About Shipping Restrictions

January 25, 2024
10:31 am

We have already introduced some basic knowledge of logistics channel. In this article, we will further introduce some limitations of the logistics channel, mainly focusing on the types of products shipped and declaration.

On the one hand, the type of products. All products on the market can be divided into two categories based on product characteristics. One is general products. Another one is sensitive products. General products such as clothes, shoes, etc. Sensitive products generally have charged, magnetic and liquid characteristics, such as electric toothbrushes, charging treasure, skincare products. Sensitive products can only be shipped through special logistics. In terms of logistics types, only the small packet and dedicated lines can be used to transport sensitive products. Large packet and express delivery have higher requirements for products, such as Dutch post registered small Paket, special US lines, special Brazil lines. Regarding the country of logistics, under normal circumstances, China Post’s logistics channels can only transport ordinary products, while foreign post logistics channels can transport sensitive goods, such as Dutch Post registered parcels, Swedish Post registered parcels, Singapore Post registered parcels…

From the point of origin, the shipment of sensitive products is concentrated from southern China and originated from Hong Kong.

The second is the limitation of declaration. The first is European countries: In Europe, VAT will rise if the declared amount exceeds 25 US dollars, and the rate is about 21%. However, if the declaration price is too lower than the product price, you will receive a penalty bill. Therefore, we need to balance all aspects and declare carefully. The second is Israel. If the declared price in Israel exceeds 70 USD, the recipient will receive customs duties if the declared value exceeds 70 USD. So it is necessary to avoid exceeding 70 USD. The third is Brazil. Brazil needs to pay attention not to declare at a low price, usually not less than 5 dollars. The specific declared value of products still needs to be communicated in advance.

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