Wiio’s story

Wiio Dropshipping Wiio, The All-In-One dropshipping platform, was founded by Mr. Zheng in Hangzhou, China. Wiio helps you source ANYTHING and deliver to EVERYWHERE. Est. 2015, numerous dropshippers have been satisfied with Wiio’s one-stop services: sourcing, purchasing, quality inspection, warehousing, value-added services, and fulfillment. There are no MOQ nor warehousing fees, and we also provide […]

Wiio’s Payment

After you get our quotation, you will then pay for your orders. There are two kinds of methods to recharge.Online RechargeAt present, Wiio supports you pay by Wiio Card. Here we will introduce all available charging methods to you.A. PaypalPaypal is a global service that allows you to make payments based on your Paypal deposit, […]

Shipping Partners Of Wiio

In order to provide stable and quick shipping, it established long-term partnerships with more than 30 domestic suppliers, including well-known DHL, FedEx, CNE, UBI, YunExpress, Yanwen, and other well-known suppliers. Our customers come from all over the world, especially America and the European customers are in the majority. Besides, we provide different modes of transportation for […]

Customer story – Backpacks by James

One of our American customers, James, used to be a soldier and now is a dropshippers after he left the army. James’ shop mainly sold backpacksJames mainly sells backpacks. At(In) the beginning, his business was lacklustre(lacklustre). Through communication, I(We) knew that he was a soldier before, so we recommended this tactical backpack to him. The […]

Customer story – Bluetooth headphone by William

A customer named William, who just started dropshipping. One day I saw a cool Bluetooth headset, thinking Willian loves music, so we recommended this Bluetooth headphone it to him. We find that whether on the road or in other public places, you can see more and more people like to wear Bluetooth. It is convenient […]

Customer story – Dog printed Hoodie by Jessica

A customer named Jessica once owned a pet dog, but the dog passed away due to ageing. She specially invited a painter to draw a cartoon portrait for her dog and would like to make a product for commemorating her dog. When she brought up this matter with me, I recommended her a printed sweatshirt, […]

General Shipping Methods

There are many shipping methods such as DHL, FedEx, the express line, ePacket and China Post package. Let’s reveal these cross-border logistics channels of the services they provide and the restrictions. Taking China as the Origin Country as an example, cross-border logistics channels can divide into four categories: small package, large package, express delivery and […]

Wiio Application Instruction

How to use Wiio application? 1. Registration Open the link: https://app.wiio.io/ , fill your information, register your account. When you fill in the EMAIL ADDRESS, you need to click “GET VERIFICATION CODE”, find the verification code in your email, and fill in the blank. If you can not find the verification code, please contact us. 2. Sign […]

De 0 investimento a MILIONÁRIO com o Programa Wiio Dropshipping Afora

Se você está cansado das complexidades do dropshipping no Brasil ou está contemplando uma expansão para os mercados europeus, este post de blog é para você. Aqui, vamos discutir os desafios específicos do dropshipping no Brasil, por que mirar na Europa pode trazer consideráveis vantagens e como o Programa Wiio Dropshipping Afora pode ser a […]