How Shipping Fees Affect Your Conversions?

January 25, 2024
10:33 am

Is your store getting plenty of traffic without good sales? Are you getting a lot of abandoned shopping carts?

If the answer is yes, you deserve to know how your shipping fee can affect your conversion rates and minimize your profits.

Statistics show that 63% of customers don’t end up purchasing due to high shipping rates. Do you know that in the world of Amazon, shipping costs and delivery times are key for a positive customer experience?

Anyway, let’s just get to the meat and potatoes without any further ado.

3 Types of Shipping Fees That Have the Most Effect On Conversions

Impact of Free Shipping on Conversions

Giving your clients free shipping is a great way to boost your customer experience. People love it, they want it and appreciate it.  As a matter of fact, even statistics show that around 84% of customers specifically purchased products because the store offered them free shipping.

Another interesting fact that speaks to the impact of free delivery is that 30% of people are known to add more products to their orders just to reach the threshold needed to achieve the free offer.

All of this just shows the value of free shipping and how much it can boost your company’s reputation and conversion rates.

However, for all its benefits, free shipping has one major downside – you can end up sacrificing profit for conversion rates.

That’s why you can’t implement it without ensuring whether you can make enough profit from every order or not.

Otherwise, you will end up having a popular store with loads of traffic and orders that can’t generate any money in return. As much as we know, that’s not what you’re aiming for as a business owner.

How Does Table Rate Shipping Affect Your Store’s Conversion? 

Offering free shipping or a flat rate is impossible for many small businesses. They’re simply too small to have any power and influence in negotiations with carriers. Therefore, those strategies end up being too expensive for them.

In this case, table rates come into play. As a business owner, you determine the shipping fees depending on the criteria you select. It can be something related to the product’s size, weight, fragility, cost, and anything that matters.

To set shipping rates the right way, you can do it based on 3 things. Here we have explained with examples.

  • Price: Set a $5 shipping rate for orders that are up to $50 and $10 for the ones that go up to $100.
  • Weight: $5 for packages below 20 lbs and $10 for ones that are up to 70 lbs.
  • Location: If the client who placed the order is in a radius of 50 miles from your warehouse, the delivery fee can be $5. If they are farther, it should cost them $10.

Almost every company determines its shipping rates considering various other factors. Some of the most notable

If you own a business that gets a lot of orders, a flat rate is an affordable and easy way to deal with shipping. Other than this, such an approach lets you maximize sales from people who buy lower margin or fewer goods, something that isn’t cost-effective with other shipping rate strategies, include their business model, the products they sell, and what their customers are like.

Customers get a lot out of table rate shipping strategy as they know what they’re paying for and what they can actually do to qualify for better shipping fees. In fact, some even find a lot of value in the transparency you can provide.

Affect of Flat Rate Shipping on Conversion

Customers tend to like this approach for shipment. No matter what you purchase, the price for delivery remains the same and simple enough to understand.

A flat rate basically means that you will charge a $10 shipment fee regardless of how much the package weights, the value of the order, number of products, distance covered, or mode of transportation used.

Let’s just say the US postal service offers a flat shipping rate program, enabling customers to receive their package for up to 3 days without getting any additional costs.

Wiio Vs AliExpress

We all know that AliExpress drives thousands of dropshippers to its platform. While AliExpress’s popularity is undeniable, there are always downsides to competing with a massive number of dropshippers on one single platform.

Competition levels are insane, and stakes are high. But wait, don’t easily forget how suppliers may tend to be biased towards dropshippers with large orders. These two factors alone can be a massive disadvantage to your dropshipping business.

Here’s where Wiio has your back, and it prioritizes dropshippers. Other than this, it lets you make the best out of its wide-ranging features.

Let’s dive straight into the comparison battle between Wiio and AliExpress to see which platform would make your dropshipping business truly successful.

Ease Of Communication 

Don’t let language barriers stop you from growing your dropshipping business.

Communicating with some AliExpress suppliers can be a hassle. Incorrect product specifications, confusing Skype calls, and a lot of errors that cost real money.

But with Wiio, you wouldn’t have to deal with the suppliers yourself. It does all the backend work for you so that you can focus on the things that truly matter for your business.

Wiio acts as the trustworthy middleman between you and your supplier, bringing you the best quality products. Not only this, its representatives personally communicate with the suppliers and forward your exact instructions to them.

Wiio’s Stunning Product Sourcing

Although AliExpress is a trusted platform, its suppliers are shady sometimes. In fact, there have been multiple horror stories of how suppliers scam dropshippers on AliExpress.

You can find these stories all over the internet. For example, how customers raised disputes to get almost nothing in response.

Better Business Organization has over 100 reviews that express the woes of disappointed customers.

Social media reviews indicate the same. Here’s one story from a dropshipper on Reddit who shared their story of dealing with a notorious scammer.

As you will barely have any 1:1 interaction with your supplier, it gets a lot more difficult to catch the cues and assess if they’re really honest with your order.

Yes, not all suppliers are scammy. But if you end up with one on AliExpress, consider that tough luck.

But with Wiio, you no longer deal with a supplier. As mentioned above, Wiio acts as the bridge between you and the supplier, so it takes care of all the product sourcing and quality assurance.

As the reputation of Wiio is on the line, there will be no issues or any kinds of scams while dropshipping or buying a product from a supplier.

Source any product with a few clicks using Wiio. Its dedicated team will hunt for such products and suppliers that can keep you and your pocket happy.

Purchase Top-Notch Products with Wiio

Product quality matters more than you think. Once you’ve set up the brand image for your dropshipping store, you must fulfill the expectations of your customers.

Most customers don’t become recurring ones just because the quality of the dropshipped product was way below what was presented in the eCommerce store.

However, this difference in quality isn’t entirely your fault. There can be huge differences between product images and the actual products displayed on AliExpress. Here’s what AliExpress customers say:

However, not finding a solution to this problem will be your fault. Wiio’s product quality experts solve this problem, running an inspection of the product images, reviews, physical appearance before shipping products to customers.

Wiio also has multiple partnerships with trusted suppliers across China. These suppliers are known for their top-notch product quality and affordability. No matter what, excellent product quality always gives you an edge over your competitor.

Quality Warehousing with Wiio 

Delivery times are unpredictable with AliExpress. Besides, if you’re trying to source fragile products, these products should be dealt with high care.

We all know that it’s not possible for all dropshippers to maintain their own warehouses for ensuring quick deliveries.

Wiio owns 3 warehouses – 2 in China and 1 in the US.  These 3 warehouses are 25,000 m², and your products can freely settle in until they’re shipped.

Along with this, Wiio also provides free storage for 90 days.

After all, Wiio is no-nonsense when it comes to quality and customer support.

Take a customer’s word for it:

Strict Quality Checks in Wiio

Receiving product samples is the only way you can inspect the product quality on AliExpress.

However, this process in itself is absolutely time-consuming and frustrating. You might end up waiting for days or not even hear back from your supplier just because they were prioritizing other dropshippers.

On the other hand, Wiio inspects the quality of each sourced product for your dropshipping store. It acts as a strict quality control manager who would penalize any bad product being produced.

You no longer have to worry about broken and ugly packaging as Wiio performs quality tests to ensure whether packaging requirements are met.

If it finds any product or packaging defects, it informs the supplier to rectify or replace it accordingly.

The product is only shipped when each product successfully passes through the quality check. So let go of major product quality concerns that come along while running a dropshipping business.

Order Fulfillment with Wiio Shipping 

According to Better Business Bureau, the most common complaint about AliExpress is that customers don’t receive the product that they’ve ordered, or worse, they don’t receive the product at all.

Such poor product fulfillment can tarnish your reputation as a dropshipper even when you’re not responsible.

In this case, Wiio is a life-saver as it critically examines the fulfillment process so that you don’t have to face any complaints regarding incorrectly shipped products.

Not only that, but Wiio also offers a range of shipping methods depending on your location and budget.

Wiio Vs AliExpress – Customer Service 

In its initial days, AliExpress took great care of serving its customers with the best. But as it started to gain popularity, its customer service has gone downhill.

About 88% of its reviewers on TrustPilot are absolutely disappointed by the service. It stands at a ranking of 1.3, which in itself casts doubts on whether or not to dropship products from AliExpress.

Wiio’s ratings are definitely impressive despite the fact that it’s a relatively new player in the market. It maintains a rating of 4.8, which is definitely unheard of in the case of dropshipping sourcing platforms.

Dropshipping using AliExpress can be an alienating experience. But, Wiio keeps customers at the heart of their business model. It has a pretty quick live chat feature where you can have your queries resolved in no time.

The Bottom Line

Your store might have the perfect professional looking website with little to no conversions. This is because you’ve not looked into the nuances of shipping rates and product sourcing. Don’t worry, you can fix this issue noting the points outlined.

But if you’re struggling with sourcing the right products, then an efficient solution would be to use Wiio for your dropshipping business.

Trying Wiio’s service, you can have an amazing experience for sourcing, customer service, and quality assurance tests.

So, get an instant edge over your competitors and skyrocket your dropshipping business profits with Wiio!

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