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E-Commerce Store With Just A Few Clicks

Wiio has partnered with four e-commerce platforms that can be easily integrated with your account. No complicated steps, just a hassle-free process so you can start earning money right away!

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows anyone to set up their store and sell products. This subscription-based software is one of the most accessible platforms for starting merchants and dropshippers.

Go to the Stores page and click “Connect to Shopify”

Enter your Shopify store’s name and click “Connect store

Congratulations! You successfully connected your Shopify store with Wiio

Yampi is an e-commerce platform known for its virtual store options and transparent checkout. It’s one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Brazil.

Go to the Stores page and click “Connect to Yampi”

Go to Yampi and log in to your store. Click your Store Profile and select “Credenciais de API”

Copy the alias, token, and secret key to Wiio and click “Connect store”

Congratulations! You successfully connected your Yampi store with Wiio

WooCommerce is an open-sourced plugin for WordPress designed for online selling. This e-commerce platform is highly customizable and features many useful extensions.

Go to the Stores page and click “Connect to WooCommerce”

Go back to your WordPress site. Copy your site URL and paste it on Wiio

In your WordPress dashboard, click WooCommerce on the sidebar and select Settings

Go to the Advanced tab and click “Rest API.” Select the Add Key button. Fill in the description with “Wiio” and set permission to Read/Write. Click “Generate API key”

Copy the WooCommerce Consumer Key and Consumer Secret and paste it on Wiio. Click “Connect store.” Congratulations! You have now connected your WooCommerce store with Wiio

Cartpanda takes pride in helping dropshippers increase their revenue using high-performance checkout. You can even customize your checkout page using their drag-and-drop checkout editor

Go to the Stores page and click “Connect to CartX.”

Go to CartPanda and log in to your store. Click “View Store” to copy your store’s URL. Paste the URL to Wiio.

In CartPanda, click your store profile and copy the token. Paste the token to Wiio and click “Connect store.”

Congratulations! You successfully connected your CartPanda store and Wiio.

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