Wiio’s story

January 25, 2024
10:28 am

Wiio Dropshipping

Wiio, The All-In-One dropshipping platform, was founded by Mr. Zheng in Hangzhou, China. Wiio helps you source ANYTHING and deliver to EVERYWHERE. Est. 2015, numerous dropshippers have been satisfied with Wiio’s one-stop services: sourcing, purchasing, quality inspection, warehousing, value-added services, and fulfillment. There are no MOQ nor warehousing fees, and we also provide professional photography services for product shooting and videos. Wiio aims to provide the best dropshipping experiences for you!

Company History

Wiio has encountered and overcome several difficulties as a start-up. For instance, in the beginning, there were only 4 people in the company and at that time, we did not have our ERP system which led to orders being processed slowly.

It took about three years for our chairman and president, who majored in the computer, to find our own initial ERP system. Now, we not only have an ERP system but also a CRM, a first-asked accountability system, and an IT professional team. All of this allows us to work effectively to meet our customers’ requirements. We have seen consistent growth ever since we started the company and we passionately believe in the ‘No pain no gain’ motto. Every stumbling block we have come across has made us stronger and we are ready to conquer every difficulty that comes our way. Today, we have 150+ employees and have successfully joined various exhibitions such as AWE (Affiliate World Europe), AAS (Arab Affiliate Summit), Mastermind, and many more.

Company Value

‘Job satisfaction, Happy Life, hard work’ form the foundation of our company value, which is the spirit to keep us positive through all the difficulties and competition.

Job satisfaction:

It is the Cohesion and job satisfaction that help the company to grow to go further, which will result in Wiio giving customer satisfaction and making it a more trustworthy company. Therefore, Wiio tries to improve working conditions to boost employee morale and we put employee’s best interests at heart.

Happy life

As the saying goes: ‘Happy heart, radiant face’. Happiness is contagious, the same as sorrow. We would like our employees to be happy so that customers are also happy and satisfied with our services. Although Happiness comes from within, we believe that Job satisfaction is an important factor as well. We do this by organizing outdoor activities and offering a range of facilities for our employees. We have a basketball and a badminton court, billiards, KTV, a coffee bar, and a lovely cafeteria for when we have lunch.

Rigorous do change to about dilligence:

With dilligence and a well-disciplined attitude, but on the other hand, the customer is our foremost concern. Our ultimate goal is to grow dropshippers’ business more efficient and profitable with our full efforts. We understand we have to be meticulous when it comes to our order, therefore we cannot afford to make mistakes concerning them. We ship to over 200 countries all over the world So we have a huge responsibility and have proved to be reliable when it comes to our shipping, with innumerable SKUs. On the other hand, successful people will never neglect anything they do whenever and wherever. Rigorous is reflected in work and life.

Only after struggles can one know themselves, and we insist on making it more of our values. WIIO is in the business of relieving dropshippers from operational trouble and doing all the dirty work for them. WIIO will make sure for you not to trouble yourself with team building and keeping, enabling you to run a worry-free cross-border business all-around with Wiio’s one-stop services: sourcing, purchasing, quality inspecting,warehousing, value-added services, and fulfillment.

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